My wife and I are often referred to as the power couple. We travel and work together as one.

Seeing people get married is always a special occasion, and something we value.

Our time spent together is always interesting. People always ask us how do you work together and live together.


The answer is simple, we're friends. Honestly, for us the years are flying by.


We are real big on family values and my wife is my cheerleader, she manages all things family from the holidays dinners to fun vacations and birthdays celebrations. She is always in my corner and the best friend I could have.

We both have a corporate background which we left  years ago to do something fun!


Our skills compliment each other. I like to entertain and she loves to coordinate events.


I have always enjoyed Djing as a hobby and meeting new people is always interesting.


This business works well for us and we're happy to meet you!